Our Process

At Vintage Peach Studios, we realize how important your brand and the story you are trying to communicate is. Utilizing our four step process, we can help you convey that message in a way that fuels your business for ultimate growth, and we all know that growth means revenue. When you succeed, we win too!


We thoroughly learn and analyze everything we can about your current brand and strategy, or lack thereof in some cases.


We put together a plan of action based off of our assessment in relation to the goals and values of your business.


It’s time to begin the design process according to the strategy that has been created.  Your project and our strategy starts to come to life!


Since your brand and/or story has been assessed, a strategy has been put into place, and project has come to life, it is now time to execute and get your story out there!

Why Choose Vintage Peach?

Methods and strategies will always evolve.  That’s why we commit to always learn, grow and discover relevant, effective, and cost efficient ways to get your brand and story out there!

Recent Projects